Analysis And Forecasting Of Technology Progress At TIG, Inc.

A key to TIG's activities is the ability to quantitatively track and forecast technology development. This is done in the macroscale of industry wide technology progress and the microscale of progress within single development programs. By using these methods, we can put our clients well beyond the state of the art in targeted technology areas. In that position the client is able to obtain basic intellectual property rights and proprietary skills which give them a commanding lead over competition. These methods are based on original research that was done by TIG personnel internally and also previous to its founding. This work has been described in articles in the Wall Street Journal (March 28, 1997) and in Photonics Spectra magazine (July, October and November 1997).

Typical uses of these techniques are to provide a quantitative schedule of when a product in development will be market ready or when a technology (laser diodes, for example) will be available for a specific application. This allows collateral activity such as supplemental technology development, financing and marketing to be scheduled optimally.