Technology Integration Group's Reason To Be

The Technology Integration Group, Inc. (TIG) exists to address the need for organizations of all sizes to acquire and assimilate new technologies. We specialize in the areas of vehicle lighting, display technology, general lighting, machine vision lighting, night vision, optics and computerized data acquisition.

The rapidly evolving ecologies of technology make it impossible for even the largest companies to develop all the technology they need within their own corporate structures. TIG aids clients in absorbing technologies outside their core competencies by:

  • locating technologies in the technical areas in which TIG is expert
  • analyzing and forecasting technology development
  • adapting the technology to the specific requirements of the client with funded development and design efforts
  • helping the client assimilate the technology by providing prototypes, establishing internal production capabilities and/or vendor relationships with external suppliers
  • assisting in the management of intellectual property
  • providing documentation

TIG's clients range in size from small startups to some of the largest corporations in the world.