The Technology Integration Group, Inc. Process

The Technology Integration Group was founded to find new technologies for clients, adapt them to the client's needs and transfer them to the client. The transfer involves either installing the technology in the client's organization or setting up relationships with suppliers. To carry out this process efficiently we generally follow these steps:

  • Review the client's objectives and needs.
  • Survey the sources of technology through literature reviews and personal interviews of key technologists to determine the state of the art and important trends.
  • Analyze the requirements, if any, for modifying the state of the art to meet the client's needs.
  • Carry out design, prototype fabrication and testing of development samples of the technology.
  • Provide interaction with standards and certification organizations, if needed.
  • Develop intellectual property positions for the client in the subject area.
  • Establish legal relationships with potential suppliers and/or partners.
  • Transfer technology to the client and/or establish relationships between client and suppliers.

Several case histories illustrating how this process works in actual practice are described the Case History section.