Conventional Light Source Technology At TIG

Dr. Timothy Fohl, President of TIG, Inc. is an internationally known authority on the science and technology of high intensity arc lamps. He has carried out award winning research on the basic physics of arcs and has patented many aspects of lamp design. A project with which he was involved was the first (and only) study of the behavior of arc lamps under zero gravity aboard the Space Shuttle. He has also been active in most other lighting technologies including tungsten, low pressure arcs, chemical combustion and electroluminescent lamps at the engineering and managerial level. He was in charge of new product development as Director of Engineering at GTE Sylvania (now Osram Sylvania) and Principal Scientist at GTE Laboratories.

Recent work in conventional lamp technology includes:

  • studies of glare producing optical artifacts in vehicle headlamp bulbs and means of suppressing them
  • detailed measurements of arc lamp output and application to fixture optical design
  • integration of compact fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts
  • optical control of tubular lamps to give unprecedented optical gain.